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Bibimbap, da ba du bop August 29, 2009

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Once again, I let this thing fall by the wayside. Sorry.

Anyway, as you probably know, the family and I went to Mongolia for 2 weeks back in March. It was fascinating and we had a great time, but we ate a lot (A LOT) of the same stuff day in and day out. One of my favorite meals from the trip was actually before we even landed; we were served a Korean dish on the plane called bibimbap. It was delicious, and last night I finally decided to try recreating it at home, with great success.

The players:

One package of shiitake mushrooms (4-5 total), toasted sesame oil, one red bell pepper, chili sauce, bean sprouts, a cucumber, a carrot, baby spinach (I used about half of a 6 oz bag), one egg per person, and bulgogi, which is Korean-style marinated beef. (Not pictured: rice, soy sauce, and cooking oil.) I bought a package of pre-marinated bulgogi at Trader Joe’s, but there’s a recipe for it here, or you can use whatever catches your fancy. The great thing about bibimbap is that you can pretty much throw in whatever you have lying around.

Start the rice cooking and then turn your attention to the vegetables: dice the red pepper, slice up the mushrooms, peel the cucumber and carrot and cut them into matchsticks. At some point, it’d also be a good idea to cook the meat; mine was already cut into thin strips inside the package, so I laid them out on a broiler pan and broiled them for 5 minutes per side. While that’s happening, saute the pepper and mushrooms in cooking oil (I used canola) until they’re softened but still a little crisp, and add the spinach until it’s wilted. Fry the eggs in a separate pan to over easy.

Once everything is done, cut the meat into manageable pieces, pile some rice in a bowl and cover it with a little bit of everything, then top with a fried egg.

Then, drizzle with a little bit of sesame oil, some soy sauce and chili sauce, mash it around with your fork until it’s unrecognizeable, and eat. This recipe made a ton of food and I ate way too much, but I regret nothing. I think this is going to be a regular favorite at my house from now on.