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The train chug-a-chugs and so do I

September 29, 2008

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Yikes, I haven’t updated in a while. You haven’t missed much, trust me. I did come back to Omaha for a visit over the weekend of the 14th for my mom’s birthday. Sorry to miss everyone, but it was intended to be a surprise… that is, until I missed my connecting flight in Chicago due to weather delays and got to spend a very long and boring night at O’Hare. GUH. The worst part is that I waffled back and forth for about an hour the night I was packing, trying to decide if I should bring my laptop, and (of course) eventually decided that I wouldn’t need it. Don’t fly United, everybody. They were completely rude and unhelpful and, here’s the best part, they changed gates on us the next morning without telling anyone. Including the pilot. He was hanging out at the gate with everyone, then glanced out the window and said “Oh… that’s the wrong plane,” and had to go send the co-pilot to figure out what was up. Awesome, United. Awesome.

Anyway, the rest of the trip was short, but fun, and Scott and I have been spending our time since then trying to figure out what we’re going to do when our lease is up. Joy. Well, that and watching bad movies. Speaking of which…
Edit: Ok, I’m not sure why it won’t let me embed the video. I wonder if McCain invented WordPress as a side-project when he was hard at work creating the Blackberry. Oh well, you can watch it here.

It would be funnier if it weren’t so disturbingly accurate.