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Reliving the dark ages May 29, 2008

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This morning on the way to work, Scott and I were trying to speculate on phone rates for calling Mongolia (I missed a call from Jay the other day). I said I would look it up online when we got to work, which led to a discussion of what we ever did before the internet was invented. I mean, I remember it, and I don’t remember life being distinctly terrible, but now that the internet is so integrated into my life I can’t help but imagine sepia-toned images of myself dressed like one of the Little Rascals, rolling a hoop down the street with a stick.

Anyway, I found the rates, but then I started thinking about our first computer, a Commodore Vic-20, and how I used to entertain myself for hours by laboriously typing in four pages of code just to make the screen flash different colors. Par-tay. I also remembered a text-based adventure game I used to play on it called Voodoo Castle, and Googled it in a fit of nostalgia. Not only did I confirm that it really existed and wasn’t just a feverish dream, but I found an online Java-based version of it. It’s… not exactly what I would call fun, but as is the style of the time, I’m obviously going to play it and ironically like it.

So, thank you, Internet. Both for allowing me to relive my childhood, and giving me something else to do when reliving my childhood gets intolerably boring.


2 Responses to “Reliving the dark ages”

  1. Gina Says:

    So….how much does it cost to call Mongolia???

  2. Sarah Says:

    With our current phone company, it’s something like $3.50/minute, but if I download something like Skype, it goes down to 20 cents. So I’m pretty sure I’ll just be doing that.

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