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Dragon fruit May 5, 2008

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Scott and I did some shopping over the weekend and stopped at Trader Joe’s for some groceries. While we were there, a bag of dried dragon fruit caught my eye:

(I didn’t actually take that picture, by the way, I just stole it from some other website.)

I’d never had dragon fruit before, so I went ahead and bought it (it was only $3). It’s … interesting. There’s not much in the way of flavor; it has a nice enough aftertaste but doesn’t really have a regular taste. The texture is pretty satisfying, though. It’s tougher and chewier than other dried fruit I’ve had, almost like fruit jerky. It actually kinda reminds me of the scene in The Three Amigos where they roast bats over the campfire. YUMMY.

And now I really want to watch that movie. I think I’m going to rent it tonight. It is Cinco de Mayo, after all. You son of a motherless goat.


3 Responses to “Dragon fruit”

  1. Gina Says:

    Hello….Three Amigos is one of my most favoite movies……Often Me and Monica have tried to learn the dance to “My Little Buttercup”…as of last try things didn’t go so well……….

  2. Emily Says:

    I think me, Meagan, and Eddie had that song and dance down.

  3. monica Says:

    You gonna eat the wing?

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