Drinkin’ champagne on a choo-choo train

The train chug-a-chugs and so do I

April 20, 2008

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My friends Angelina, Eddie, and Jen came over last night and we had an HP Lovecraft party. I made goat-cheese-and-crab-stuffed-mushrooms, Angelina brought squid salad and sushi, and we watched Re-Animator and played Munchkin Cthulhu. I had to trek all over town to find Re-Animator but eventually found it at Borders, and it even came with a green highlighter shaped like a syringe.

Oh, and speaking of eldritch horrors, Scott and I went to Target yesterday and I bought a women’s wet-dry electric shaver. I opened it up on the way home, so I could look at the instruction book, and was hit in the face by a wave of old cigarette smell. That was gross enough, but then I saw that the inner clamshell packaging had been cut open and when I took a close look at the shaver itself… yep, hair. We immediately turned around and went back to the store, and I was able to return it without incident, but WTF? I sent the company an e-mail complaint when we got back home, because that’s just gross. I mean, at the very least, they could have labeled the box as a return or “as-is” so I could have avoided buying it in the first place. I’m just glad I noticed it before I got it home, or worse, tried to use it.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Emily Says:

    Oh my God. I can’t think of anything to say other than GAG!! The thought makes me shudder.

  2. monica Says:


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