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Bleh March 30, 2008

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I don’t have anything new to report, but I’m bored.

I went to the bar with some friends on Friday night. The bar we go to isn’t particularly awesome (Scott plays Team Fortress 2 on Fridays, and I didn’t have anything better to do), but I had a pretty good time once we got there. There were way more people than usual and as we were leaving, we passed a guy wearing a studded leather jacket with giant teased-up glam-rock hair and I said “Oh hey, what’s up, Nikki Sixx?” … and he heard me. Oops. I think he took it as a compliment, though.

Scott and I mainly ran errands yesterday, and I watched Camelot in the evening. I genuinely like that movie, but man, it must have been a really long time since I’d seen it last, because I had forgotten how outrageously cheesy it is.

And that it’s three freakin’ hours long.

I just accidentally locked eyes with Goblin Face and now she won’t leave me alone, so I guess it’s time to escape. Sheesh.

Edited to add: I have heard that song countless times, and I still always expect him to sing “with fabulous hair” at the end instead of “with virtue to spare.”


5 Responses to “Bleh”

  1. Kit Says:

    I totally love the movie CAMELOT! As a matter of fact it is currently #21 on my NETFLIX queue. I sing the songs for weeks afterwards. My other top fav’s are MY FAIR LADY and OKLAHOMA.

  2. Kit Says:


  3. Monica Says:

    also in my queue, so random…i was thinking yesterday i should move it up…if ever i should leave Ga..it would be in springtime!!

  4. Kit Says:

    Looks like Tim Conway in the boat with him.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Oh, I should rent Oklahoma sometime. Or Carousel! I need to beef up my collection of musicals, I think the only other ones I have are Chicago and Hairspray.

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