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March 10, 2008

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Yes, I made it through the HORRIBLE ICE AGE alive. Scott and I stopped for gas and essential supplies (i.e. beer) on the way home from work on Friday, and by Saturday morning we had about 7 inches of snow, enough to reach the bumper of the car. We ventured out in the early afternoon to Jungle Jim’s, a huge grocery store/international market, to stock up on food before the weather got any worse. (Of course, the snow had stopped by the time we got home, and has mostly melted by now.) As we were passing through the cheese section of the store, a bag of cheese curds caught my eye and we also got a bag of potatoes, so we made poutine yesterday afternoon – basically, fries with melted cheese curds and a sauce similar to chicken gravy. I didn’t see any pre-made poutine sauce at Jungle Jim’s, but I found a recipe here so I just made my own, since I made stock a while ago and it has taken over our freezer. I didn’t take a picture of the finished product (honestly, it looked kind of gross) but it was really tasty. Since I don’t have a photo, here’s one of Goblin Face. She’s pretty much made out of gravy anyway, that big fat fatty.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Walker Evans Says:

    BUH! 7 inches? We got 20 inches up here. I guess it set all sorts of new records.


  2. Monica Says:

    What the World??? That kitty looks like Simon!!!

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