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Bleh March 30, 2008

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I don’t have anything new to report, but I’m bored.

I went to the bar with some friends on Friday night. The bar we go to isn’t particularly awesome (Scott plays Team Fortress 2 on Fridays, and I didn’t have anything better to do), but I had a pretty good time once we got there. There were way more people than usual and as we were leaving, we passed a guy wearing a studded leather jacket with giant teased-up glam-rock hair and I said “Oh hey, what’s up, Nikki Sixx?” … and he heard me. Oops. I think he took it as a compliment, though.

Scott and I mainly ran errands yesterday, and I watched Camelot in the evening. I genuinely like that movie, but man, it must have been a really long time since I’d seen it last, because I had forgotten how outrageously cheesy it is.

And that it’s three freakin’ hours long.

I just accidentally locked eyes with Goblin Face and now she won’t leave me alone, so I guess it’s time to escape. Sheesh.

Edited to add: I have heard that song countless times, and I still always expect him to sing “with fabulous hair” at the end instead of “with virtue to spare.”


Repeat my mantra! Hammmmmmmm…… March 24, 2008

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Happy belated Easter, everybody! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I was busy doing a lot of cooking over the weekend. I had a bunch of uncooked cabbage left over from St. Patrick’s Day, so I decided to make Runzas for dinner. They didn’t look too pretty (I rolled the dough a little too thin so they’re all lumpy on the top) but they tasted good. I don’t remember the last time I had had one. I froze a bunch of the leftover ones and am going to have one for lunch today, too. Then I made poppy seed bread for Easter, which I didn’t get a picture of either, but you can just pretend that I took this one.

We had the bread with ham, beet relish, and eggs yesterday morning.

Scott went outside and worked on the garden in the afternoon to start getting it ready to plant stuff. Our strawberry plant magically survived through the winter and actually looks like it’s doing really well, so he moved that into a strawberry pot and put some new soil down. I don’t know what we’re going to grow yet other than garlic and rhubarb, both of which turned out well last year. Any suggestions?

While he was out there, I started to get antsy and decided to clean out the fridge, so I made olive bread with some old olives and tapenade, and later Scott made risotto for dinner with some leftover stir-fried vegetables. Which, I guess, didn’t really clean out the fridge because now we have leftover bread and risotto, but oh well.

Oh, and here is the source of my subject line. Enjoy your nightmares!


Henry greets his adoring fans. March 14, 2008

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It’s Girl Scout Cookie day, hey baby hey March 13, 2008

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The Girl Scout cookies that Scott and I ordered through work finally arrived today. We got thin mints (DUH), peanut butter patties and peanut butter sandwiches (yes, Scott wanted both), and I decided to try Cinna-Spins for the first time. They aren’t bad, but they pretty much taste like cinnamon Teddy Grahams. Not something I can see myself waiting all year for. However, I did find this website with recipes to make your own Girl Scout cookies.

So, what’s your favorite cookie (Girl Scout or otherwise)?


March 10, 2008

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Yes, I made it through the HORRIBLE ICE AGE alive. Scott and I stopped for gas and essential supplies (i.e. beer) on the way home from work on Friday, and by Saturday morning we had about 7 inches of snow, enough to reach the bumper of the car. We ventured out in the early afternoon to Jungle Jim’s, a huge grocery store/international market, to stock up on food before the weather got any worse. (Of course, the snow had stopped by the time we got home, and has mostly melted by now.) As we were passing through the cheese section of the store, a bag of cheese curds caught my eye and we also got a bag of potatoes, so we made poutine yesterday afternoon – basically, fries with melted cheese curds and a sauce similar to chicken gravy. I didn’t see any pre-made poutine sauce at Jungle Jim’s, but I found a recipe here so I just made my own, since I made stock a while ago and it has taken over our freezer. I didn’t take a picture of the finished product (honestly, it looked kind of gross) but it was really tasty. Since I don’t have a photo, here’s one of Goblin Face. She’s pretty much made out of gravy anyway, that big fat fatty.



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A couple weeks ago I posted that everyone was flipping the F out about a winter storm that we were supposed to get. Well, that turned out to be nothing (seriously, Scott and I were barely even delayed on the way home). Well, now this weekend we’re supposed to get a total snowfall of 6-12″. Oh, joy. There was nothing going on when I woke up this morning, but it’s been snowing consistently ever since I left for work. Not that this means I get to leave early or anything. Of course, this also had to come on payday, or as I like to call it, the day that I really need to put gas in the car, and really need to go to the grocery store. I’m out of a bunch of stuff and I’m not big on the idea of eating Henry’s urinary tract health cat food.

Impromptu product review: I went to Bruegger’s for breakfast this morning and they have “Golden French Toast” flavored coffee. I remembered to bring my mug with me for once, so I decided to go for it… eh. It smells a lot better than it tastes. Oh, and their bacon scallion cream cheese? Not very bacon-y. Or scallion-y. That’s what I get for venturing out of good old smoked salmon territory.


Homemade samosas! March 3, 2008

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We used this recipe for the filling and store-bought egg roll wraps, and they turned out great. We cut the filling recipe in half and it made about 17 samosas, so I brought some of the leftovers for lunch today.

The glass has thai iced tea in it (also homemade).