Drinkin’ champagne on a choo-choo train

The train chug-a-chugs and so do I

Bakin’ with bacon February 28, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Sarah @ 12:34 pm

Since I started eating meat again last year, I suddenly have a newfound appreciation for bacon. I never particularly liked it when I was a kid or before I stopped eating meat, but for some reason now my eyes are opened to the glory of the salted meats. Maybe it’s because I’ve been seeing a lot more creative uses of it lately (or maybe I just notice them more now that I’m interested), but there are a lot of unconventional, bacon-rich recipes and products out there. Bacon chocolate (I’ve actually had this, and it’s not bad), bacon mints (I’ve had these too, and they are bad. Damn you, Abby), bacon baklava, bacon chocolate chip cookies, bacon cupcakes, bacon ice cream, butterscotch-dipped bacon… actually, my chest is starting to hurt from reading all of these. I think I need to go eat a salad.


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