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The Anti-Endorsement: Ice Breakers Sours Gum January 21, 2008

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Scott and I were at the grocery store yesterday when I decided I wanted something sour. I saw this gum at the register and thought, why not? Well, let me tell you why not. This gum comes in a pack of three separate flavors. I’ve only tried two so far (I was hoping that the first was a fluke) but I think they took a page out of Willy Wonka’s book and tried to make them change flavors mid-chew. Only instead of roast beef and blueberry pie, Ice Breakers saw fit to make them change from rubbing alcohol to ashtray to … I don’t know, mustard strained through a pair of old pantyhose. They are nasty. I can only imagine that if I continued to chew them, I would balloon up Violet Beauregarde-style into a giant urinal cake and have to be rolled out by a janitor.

On a more positive note, my birthday was last Thursday. Scott and I went out to eat on the actual day and over the weekend, we went to see Sweeney Todd with some friends. I liked it, but I wish I had thought to make some beef pot pies beforehand. Maybe I’ll have a viewing party when it comes out on DVD.

Edited to add: Oh yeah, and I did make the chappal kebabs, along with some red pepper and walnut chutney, on Friday night (no pictures, though). They were delicious.


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