Drinkin’ champagne on a choo-choo train

The train chug-a-chugs and so do I

Lousy Smarch weather. March 5, 2007

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It was 50 degrees on Friday. It’s 50 degrees today. (I don’t know about Sunday, I didn’t go anywhere.) So why the flip was it blizzarding on Saturday!? All day long, every few hours, it would start to lightly snow, then graduate into huge fluffy chunks that would start to stick, and then a half hour later it would all be melted and everything would start over.

I had a good weekend, even though plans were getting sort-of-derailed left and right. I was supposed to go out to a bar with Alecia on Friday night and Scott was supposed to play poker with her boyfriend John, but then she called me and said that John had had a bad day at work and wasn’t feeling up to playing, and then she had to take a friend to the hospital for an ear infection… THEN she called me from the hospital and said that her car had been stolen. (Turns out it was just towed.) I went out with some other people, but it was kind of boring so we left early.

Saturday morning, I woke up freaking early to drive Scott to work so I could have the car to go to a step class at the gym… which was cancelled. I also had plans to go to a yard sale at the Cincinnati Art Museum with my friend Sarah, but when we got there, there was nowhere to park and it was 45 minutes until the sale was scheduled to end, so we left and tried to go to a thrift store so I could look for supplies for my Halloween costume (I need to start early because I always procrastinate. I’m going as Kaylee from Firefly, to go with Scott’s Jayne costume) and the store we wanted to go to was closed. Permanently. After that we just went back to my house and drank gin and watched Sex and the City. Not a total loss. A whole group of us (including Alecia after she got her car back) went out that night, too, which was fun. One of the people we know that goes to our usual bar is moving to Orlando to be Peter Pan at Disney World, so we had a sort of going-away party. It was fun, and I hope he comes back to visit sometime. It’s almost like I know a celebrity!



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