Drinkin’ champagne on a choo-choo train

The train chug-a-chugs and so do I

My big fat Saturday night February 21, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Sarah @ 5:11 pm

Saturday went really well. We ended up watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, although most of the night was spent sitting around, talking and being goofy.

 Yesterday was Scott’s birthday so we both stayed home from work… he didn’t want to go out to eat or anything so we made a frozen pizza and took the kitten to the vet (she’s getting fixed; we’re picking her up tonight). Party ANIMALS, we are.

Oh, and speaking of party animals, Henry (our cat) sure had a grand time last night. I don’t know if he just missed Goulet or what, but his entire night was spent in intervals of standing in the kitchen wailing, running upstairs, jumping on the bed and frantically headbutting me, and then running back downstairs to repeat the cycle.  And here I thought that we were going to have a restful night without the kitten (she likes to burrow under the covers and bite my hands). ARGH.


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