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My big fat Saturday night February 21, 2007

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Saturday went really well. We ended up watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, although most of the night was spent sitting around, talking and being goofy.

 Yesterday was Scott’s birthday so we both stayed home from work… he didn’t want to go out to eat or anything so we made a frozen pizza and took the kitten to the vet (she’s getting fixed; we’re picking her up tonight). Party ANIMALS, we are.

Oh, and speaking of party animals, Henry (our cat) sure had a grand time last night. I don’t know if he just missed Goulet or what, but his entire night was spent in intervals of standing in the kitchen wailing, running upstairs, jumping on the bed and frantically headbutting me, and then running back downstairs to repeat the cycle.  And here I thought that we were going to have a restful night without the kitten (she likes to burrow under the covers and bite my hands). ARGH.


Let’s see here. February 17, 2007

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I know I am terrible about updating this thing, but not much has happened since the last time. Oh, well, I had what I guess qualifies as a little altercation in the parking garage at the doctor’s office last week. You see, the building that the doctor’s office is in shares a tiny parking garage with the adjoining hospital so as you may imagine, parking space is at a premium. I was circling around in a little line of cars when I pulled behind a white car that had stopped to take the space that a jeep was backing out of. Well, I didn’t notice until I was right up behind the car, but he had pulled way too far up so not only was he blocking the jeep from backing out, but he wouldn’t have been able to make a sharp enough turn into the space anyway. So he starts backing up toward me, and gesturing to me (via jerking his thumb around) to do the same. Well, thing is, I’ve got four cars behind me, and I can’t go anywhere. I gesture this to him (via wildly exaggerated shrugging) and, after several minutes of this, he gives up and takes off. The jeep backs out, and well, ol’ white car isn’t getting the space even if he circles back around, so I pull into it. As I get out of my car, the guy has pulled around to the other half of the parking level, unrolls his window, and we have this little exchange:

Guy: HEY!!!
Me (stopping, staring straight at the guy, irritated by this point): WHAT.
Guy: … HEY.
Me: … HEY.

He didn’t say anything else after that, so uh WHAT? I was half expecting to come out of my appointment to find a broken taillight or a nasty note or something, but no, apparently dude just wanted to say HEY.

I’m supposed to be having some friends over for a girls’ night tonight to watch movies and so on. One of them is a girl I just met recently, though, and I think she is pretty excited about watching “chick flicks,” which, well… she hasn’t met the other people coming over and we’re not an extremely “girly” bunch overall. I mean, I have Sex and the City, Harold and Maude, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding on DVD, but that’s as far as my romance-oriented movie collection goes. Anyone have any recommendations for something I should run out and rent in the next few hours? I saw part of Just Like Heaven (I think that’s what it was called… that Reese Witherspoon ghost movie) at the gym once and hated it, so this will probably be awkward.


Yeah, I don’t have anything good. February 8, 2007

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Although: RIP, Anna Nicole.


menace 2 society February 5, 2007

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Well, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, although I’m a little disappointed that “Da Bears” lost.

And, on a completely unrelated note, here’s a link explaining why Dennis the Menace may have turned out the way he did.