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Poor Pussy candidate or genuinely awesome? December 11, 2006

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… the Twisted Sister Christmas album.


Ooh, there’s a cover of “O Come All Ye Faithful”… sung to the tune of “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Okay, I think that tipped it over the line into awesome.


The haunting December 7, 2006

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For months now I have been sensing a presence in my home. Over long intervals it seems to have gotten bolder, but that could be because I am more open to receiving whatever message or feeling that it wants to send. I have had many unusual occurrences. I have seen a golden figure, moving rapidly from one side of a room to the other. Once it realized that it frightened me, and left as though running on air. In another instance, I heard an unearthly howl behind me, but no one was there. I know this sounds unbelievable, but I swear that these things actually happened. But the most unusual paranormal experience happened in the middle of the night not long ago. I was awakened wide-eyed by a snuffling noise in my right ear, as though someone – or something – was very close, but so close that it was somewhat distorted.

Scott took another video of Goulet playing the other day, and, if you look closely you can see the figure moving in from the side.

 Oh, and here’s another video of Henry and Goulet.