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Family foto fun November 30, 2006

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After the picture that Kit posted the other day, I started looking through some pictures on my computer and found a bunch of Grandpa that I somehow got a hold of shortly after he died. I guess a lot of you probably already have these (does anyone read this yet? I guess I should tell people about it someday) but if not, here you go. I would also like, if anyone out there is able to provide it, some background information on these. I don’t know where or when a lot most of them were taken. Hell, I don’t even remember how I ended up with them. Anyway, enjoy:

Oh, and here is a bonus picture of my parents shortly after I was born:



2 Responses to “Family foto fun”

  1. Abby Says:

    Way to cut Dad out of the pic.


  2. winterssss Says:

    What the flip? It looks fine on both my laptop and my work computer, but I see what you’re talking about on my desktop. Try changing your resolution to 1280×1020.

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