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apples to apples, funk to funky November 27, 2006

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Well, it was back to work today after a nice long (5-day) weekend. I had taken Wednesday off because I had to work the previous Saturday, and my friend Sarah works about 5 minutes away from our house, so we met up on her lunch hour and drove down to a modern furniture store in northern Kentucky called Abode. Their website isn’t all that great, but the store has a lot of really cool stuff and the prices are actually pretty reasonable.

…I guess I already wrote about Thursday.

Scott and I didn’t participate in any Black Friday sales, mostly because I hate crowds and love sleep. I did venture out later in the day to Target and Sally Beauty Supply, and bought a bunch of stuff like hairspray and clips and a teasing comb. (I have been really interested in vintage hairstyles lately.) Scott had to work from 3-11:30 so I spent most of the afternoon messing around in the bathroom putting my hair in 40’s-style rolls and bouffants and other such crazy configurations, and then went out to a nearby bar with my friend Jered in the evening, which was fun. I hadn’t talked to him in a while.

Scott works 7-7 on Saturdays, and we only have the one car, so I spent most of the day cleaning and lounging around. (I normally spend Saturdays with Sarah and her husband Jason, but they were out of town for the holiday.) Once Scott got home, we made dinner and watched some rental movies.

Sunday I stopped at World Market and bought an Advent calendar … they’re on sale right now, so STOCK UP! Sunday night Sarah and Jason got back, so we went over to their house and played a card game called Apples To Apples. Yeah, the box makes it look pretty doofy, but it is SO GOOD.

Oh, and if anyone has a good recipe for hot and sour soup, I would be most grateful. I am addicted to the stuff lately.


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