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Thanksgiving pictures November 23, 2006

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Well, another Thanksgiving has come and almost gone, so while I’m sitting off my carbs-and-wine-induced stupor, I’ll go ahead and post the pictures I took.

The box from the Tofurky. Pretty self-explanatory.

The turkey was coated in butter containing chopped prosciutto, hazelnuts, green onions, sherry wine vinegar, and various spices.

The side dishes wait patiently for their time to shine.

Oh, yeah-h-h.

Tofurky in its natural outer shell of foil. Some of the marinade leaked out into the bottom of the dish.

Henry and Goulet try to devise a plan to ruin everything, as usual.

The Tofurky, exposed to light of day after being cooked.


I didn’t get a picture of the turkey while it was still intact, but I roasted it upside-down so it wasn’t much to look at anyway.

I feel as though this should be deemed unacceptable for family viewing.

The tofurky also came with a little tub of gravy, which was actually really good. Sorry about the blurry picture. Of a pan of gravy.

Much Ado About Stuffing

Brandied yams with pineapple and walnuts

Green bean casserole

Whole-wheat rolls

Our wine of choice. Normally I don’t like white wine, but this one was pretty good.

My plate, loaded up. I couldn’t wait to take the picture before digging in, clearly.

Scott was waiting for his gravy to finish cooking (hence the lack of potatoes) so I snapped this in the meantime.

We bought these really great wine glasses at a moving sale. I didn’t show the scale that well in this picture, but they each hold about an entire bottle of wine so we just SPLIT ‘ER UP. Please excuse the laptop and all the crap in the background… I guess next you’ll tell me that we have to put on PANTS to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

The pie, which got all weird and bubbly on the top for some reason. I never did work up the gumption to make a crust so I just ended up using a Keebler graham cracker crust, but it worked well.

VERDICT: The Tofurky was actually not that bad. It kind of tasted like turkey-flavored baby food, but the texture was pretty good. I don’t know if I’ll get another one in the future, but I’d definitely buy the gravy again.


One Response to “Thanksgiving pictures”

  1. Abby Says:

    Oh dang. That Tofurky looked kind of REALLY Tofunky!!!!! But damn, the rest of it looked really good. I made kolaches between 10:30 Tuesday night and 3:00 Monday morning. I can’t wait until you come home.

    P.S. Goulet got really big!

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